Limerick Community Games Swimming 2 Swim Competitions:
  • B swim is Sunday 25th Feb 2018 4pm-6pm Askeaton pool
  • A swim is Sunday 25th Mar 2018 4pm-6pm Askeaton pool

The ‘A’ competition - the winner from each event at County goes forward to the National Finals. This takes place on Saturday 26th & 27th May in the University of Limerick Arena pool.

The ‘B’ competition – this is open to all areas and finishes with a County competition. It is for those trying it for the first time or those who only want to do it for ‘a little fun with a challenge of getting into semi-finals or finals’.

You can swim in 1 individual swim and 1 relay.
  • List of Events    
  • U8 25m freestyle (u8 B competition is 1 width only)
  • U10 25m freestyle or backstroke
  • U12 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke
  • U14 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly
  • U16 50m freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and a County only U16 breaststroke in A competition
  • U13 relay 4 x 25m freestyle – A competition only
  • U16 relay 4 x 50m medley (each swimmer swims 1 of the 4 strokes) – A competition only


Do I have to dive?

No – you can start in the water, at the pool edge or on the starting blocks.

We’ve never swam in a race, how do you start?

We demonstrate how we start the race, using a whistle start.

The relay for the B competition is a Primary school competition. You can be from different areas, but you must be attending the same Primary school. It is for boys or girls or mixed and there is no age limit. Just gather 4 people, you can have up to 2 subs too.

How do I take part?

Contact your local Community Games Committee, or text Mary, 087 6330673 for your local area contact.


What’s next?

Register with the local Area secretary by 7th Feb 2018 for B competition and 7th Mar 2018 for A competition.