A Little Bit About Limerick Swimming Club

Limerick Swimming Club was founded in 1986, when a number of local swimming clubs came together to form a competitive club, where all local swimmers could compete as one team. The club was set up to cater for competitive swimming, while having a feeder system from the teaching clubs in the area, like Seal Swimming Club and St Paul’s Swimming Club. This system has been maintained to the present day, with a formal communication system between the clubs and set criteria for movement of swimmers from teaching to coaching and competitive swimming. Limerick Swimming club also maintains a close working relationship with Limerick Masters Swimming club.

A good relationships is built up with the High performance Centre, with Limerick Swimming club coaches involved in the Development squad training, in addition to their duties with Limerick Swimming club. All this is positively supported by Limerick Swimming club, as we see this as a positive development of our sport and beneficial to our swimmers.

In our club we see the importance of developing our swimmers to compete fairly, be gracious in both victory and defeat and be ambassadors for our sport as being the primary objectives for our members, and we uphold these principles above all others.

Our mission statement

“Limerick Swimming Club aims to foster and develop competitive swimming in the Limerick area, and through this promote the development of Physical, Moral and Social Qualities of our members, in accordance with current best practice in the sport”




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