New Swimmers Considering Joining

Please ensure that you have fully completed your teaching lessons in all 4 strokes in lane swimming and have approval from your swim teacher to consider competitive swimming. We are keenly interested in male and female swimmers aged between 8 and 10 yrs, max 11yrs old.

Note: Early morning training does not start until swimmers enter the senior squads


Cadets Squad

Do you love to swim? Would you like to swim with us? We have openings in our Cadet squad. This is our entry group for young swimmers. They train 2 times per week. The swimmer will be introduced to squad training and competitive swimming in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Training is skills focused and aerobically based with a small speed element. Attention is paid to stroke analysis and correction.

Junior Squad

Swimmers from the cadet squad progress to the Junior squad. They train 4 times per week. The swimmer will also take part in competitive swimming. Training is also aerobically based, with continued attention on stroke analysis and correction. Swimmers can progress form the junior squad to the senior squad.

Coaching Structure

All our club coaches are qualified and experienced coaches. They have a successful record of coaching swimmers at various levels, including many swimmers at national level every year. Coaches are willing to help with any questions before or after training. We also have squad reps who can answer any questions and liaise with the coaches on your behalf.


The LSC training schedule for the squads is located under the Squads tabs on the home page. Click here for more

Items required for training

Goggles, swim cap, kickboard and fins. Coaches will advise if you need any further equipment.



LSC participates in galas throughout the Munster region (Nenagh, Mallow, Askeaton, Tralee etc.). A schedule of Galas is posted on the website. The Galas are graded to suit the different levels of ability and performance of swimmers as they progress through the squads. Typically, galas take place every 6 weeks in the Munster region. Swimmers must be 10yrs old on 31st Dec in the current year to be eligible to swim at Munster galas. Age rules for Invitational Galas can differ. Entries for the swimmer’s events will cost approx. €15-25. Parents are expected to bring their swimmers to Galas. They take place mostly on Saturdays (occasionally Sundays) and are from 9-5 pm approx.

Pool Duty

There must always be a parent on deck for each coached swimming session. A pool duty rota is issued to all parents of swimmers in a squad. Parents are expected to turn up for pool duty as rostered. The pool duty rota for the squads is located under the Squads tabs on the home page.

If you are interested in joining LSC or have any questions please email with the following information.

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