Cadet-Squad Pool Duty

Please see below the rota for pool duty for the cadet squad for Grove Island Swimming Pool and UL Arena. Parents, please note that you are expected to attend poolside duty it is a swim Ireland regulation – for more info please visit our pool duty page. Please check when you are scheduled and set a reminder for yourself, if there is no parent on duty the session will be cancelled by the coach.

**If you are unable to attend please put your request on your squad WhatsApp group and ask for a swap with another parent. You can get in touch with your rep to identify times, in advance, that do not suit you.**

You are asked to make yourself known to the Coach, sign their attendance book and remain poolside per Swim Ireland Rule!
So Remember – When on Duty – Please see on the Pool Deck.

Please note recent changes to the schedule and location of sessions. For more information see squad page and timetable.