Child Welfare

Guidelines and Codes of Conduct

 The following guidelines and codes of conduct for different individuals comply with recognised best practice for safeguarding young people.

Guidelines for Young People

Young people have a great deal to gain from sport in terms of their personal development and enjoyment and they have rights which must be respected and responsibilities which they must accept. To respect the rights of children a sporting environment should be safe, enjoyable and free from harm.

Young people are entitled to be:

Code of Conduct for Young People

You should always:

You should not:

 Guidelines for Parents/Guardians Codes of Conduct for Parents/ Guardians

 Parents/ Guardians should assist in the implementation of best practice by:

You Can download a copy of the   Codes of conduct families   using this link



Swim Ireland are pleased to publish the latest version of their policies and procedures for all Clubs and members.

The latest Safeguarding Children book contains updated information and guidance for the welfare and protection of children for all the aquatic disciplines can be found on the swim Ireland web site using the following link    Swim Ireland Child welfare

Major changes

Confidentiality statement Tables showing mandatory requirements for member roles Clear roles descriptions for CCO and DP Code of conducts simplified: – Young people – Parents – Coaches, Teachers, Leaders (including roles such as CCO, DP, Officials, Team Managers, etc.) – Committees Separate signup sheet available for codes of conduct (word document for personalising to Club) Policies included in full – Bullying – Monitoring movements – Age considerations – Disability Summary policies – all available to download on the swim Ireland website – Rule Book – Vetting – Recruitment – Supervision – Complaints and Disciplinary – Travelling – Risk Assessment – Communication – Photography – Physical contact – Substance misuse – Safety Child protection section updated with recent Children First publication (Department of Health and Children, draft 2010)  Appendices – checklist for Club visiting and updated contact details


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