Competitive 2 Pool Duty

Competitive 2 Squad Pool Duty

Please see below the rota for pool duty for the Competitive 2 squad in UL Arena. Parents, please note that you are expected to attend poolside duty it is a swim Ireland regulation – for more info please visit our pool duty page. Please check when you are scheduled and set a reminder for yourself, if there is no parent on duty the session will be cancelled by the coach.

**If you are unable to attend please put your request on your squad WhatsApp group and ask for a swap with another parent. You can get in touch with your rep to identify times, in advance, that do not suit you.**

You are asked to make yourself known to the Coach, sign their attendance book and remain poolside per Swim Ireland Rule!
So Remember – When on Duty – Please see on the Pool Deck.

Please note recent changes to the schedule and location of sessions. For more information see squad page and timetable.

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Rian Horgan Jack Hayes L Liddane Anton Nieuwoudt Aoife Cuffe H O Connor Sam O'Callaghan L Liu Barry Gavin Eimear Donovan Aoibheann O'Halloran J Carrig A Byrnes H O Connor GERRY RYAN GALA Jack Rice A Cooke GERRY RYAN GALA D Horgan GERRY RYAN GALA GERRY RYAN GALA
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Roisin Feerick Stephan Wang C Bowden Riain Fitzpatrick Clodagh Quilligan L Liddane Faye Parker A Feerick Mia Hourigan Isabel Hayde Karma Shafee L O Brien L Liu L Liddane Jack O’Connor Emily Sweeney M Dunne Sean Carrig J Carrig Shannon Conroy Sophie Wallace
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Tara Fahy Anton Nieuwoudt L Greenslade Julie Lyons Alex Clancy M Dunne Caelinn Mc Grath C Bowden Olivia McGrath Lucy Morrisey Ciara Collins M Dunne L O Brien J Carrig Evan Mc Mahon Emily Coyne L Greenslade Sarah Mc Auliffe H O Connor Cathy Madden Aoife Cuffe
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Shannon Conroy Anton Nieuwoudt C Bowden Prenderville, Dylan Will Drury L Mc Grath Mia Hourigan A Yelverton Eimear Donovan Dylan McGrath Ellen Flannery J Carrig J Carrig A Cooke OFF Karma Shafee A Feerick Isabel Hayde D Horgan OFF Olivia Flannery
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Leah Byrne Ni Ghuairim, Maire D Horgan Carrig, Sean Jack Foley J Carrig Cullinane, Paul C Bowden Rian Horgan Sadhbh NiRiain Lily Hayes L O Brien L Liu L Greenslade Maher, Dylan Hannah Hughes A Yelverton Marcus Hourigan M Dunne OFF Kate Kearney
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Aisling Keogh Foley, Adam J Perkins Parker, Faye Muireann Keogh D Horgan Lucy Morrisey A Feerick Katey Cronin Sam O'Callaghan Danielle McAuliffe L Liu A Byrnes D horgan OFF Ella Meskell J Carrig Shannon Sweeney L McGrath OFF James Moriarty
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Roisin Feerick Lyons, Julie L Liddane O’Connor, Jack Alannah Murphy S Ni Riain Monoras, Eabha A Byrnes Sean Mahon Cathy Madden Clodagh Quilligan M Dunne L O Brien L Liddane Konstantinov, Tim Aoibheann O'Halloran S NiRiain Aoibh Collins J Perkins Tara Fahy Jack Rice
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Alycia Fan Mc Auliffe, Sarah L McGrath Mc Mahon, Evan Siofra Feerick H O Connor Gavin Barry C Bowden Sadhbh Ni Riain Emily Sweeney L O Brien L Liu H O Connor Lyons, Julie Sophie Wallace C Bowden Cullinane, Paul J Carrig Keith O'Connor Eoghan Caffrey