How galas operate


Limerick Swimming Club participates in galas throughout the Munster region (Nenagh, Mallow, Askeaton etc…). A schedule of events for the Munster region is prepared at the beginning of the season by the Munster committee and is posted on the club website and Club Notice Board at UL. The galas are graded into:



Typically, galas take place every 6 weeks in the Munster region and the coach will select the events for each swimmer, approx. 3 or 4 events. Cost is approx. €15-€25 and it will be billed separately by the club. Swimmers are expected to attend galas and parents are expected to bring their swimmers to these events. They take place mostly on Saturdays (but occasionally Sundays) and are typically from 9am-5pm.


A coach and a team manager will be assigned for all galas. For graded galas, approx. 2 parents from each club are expected to do time-keeping duty – this is usually selected a few days prior to the gala and you will be notified.


A Grade 3 gala is usually a very enjoyable gala and a great opportunity for coming together as a team. There should be no pressure put on any child to get specific times. There may be some swimmers nervous, disqualified, or having a false start. The coach or team manager will offer support and an explanation at this stage.



Key Pointers for your 1st Gala


Warm-ups at most galas begin at 9am but swimmers should listen to the coach at training in order to be aware of any late changes. In general swimmers travel to the gala with their parent(s) and sit together as a team at the gala. On some (rare) occassions a bus may be booked to bring the swimmers, but, you will receive information on this in advance.

Items to bring:



All new swimmers will be Grade C swimmers when the first start swimming competitevely. At the first gala new swimmers will have NT (no time) after each event until they get a time at their 1st or 2nd gala. NT swimmers swim first and then the swimmers with the slower times through to the fastest times– they are put into heats on the morning of the gala and the coach gets a copy of the heat order. Swimmers swim with swimmers of similar time, regardless of age.

Only afterwards are they grouped into age groups for results and medals.



Qualification times to Move from

Grade 3 to Grade 2 Galas.







Once Grade A is achieved, swimmers should then be aiming to achieve IAG Division 2 National times and/or other National times for Irish short course / Dave McCullagh / Irish L.C. / IAG and Summer Championships.