Welcome to the Performance Development Squad

This squad is a competitive squad. Our target events are Division 1 and 2, Irish Open, Irish Short Course Championships and Regional Championships. Attendance at these meets is compulsory once the standards have been achieved, regardless of how many events a swimmer has qualified for. The competitions to be attended will be selected by the Head Coach in accordance with their annual plan.

While technique is still one of the primary focuses of this squad, swimmers can expect to cover between 3.5 and 6 kilometres per session and as such should be at a sufficient standard to achieve this with good technique.

Our coach is the Head Coach of LSC his name is Mikey McCarthy. Our Parent representative is Christina Cawte –  limswimpdrep@gmail.com

Equipment List:

Kick Board, Snorkel, Hand Paddles, Pull Buoy, Fins, Water bottle, Hat & Goggles.

Pool duty:

Details of what to do when you are on pool duty can be found online.