Pool Duty

Parental pool duty is a mandatory requirement of Swim Ireland

It is a requirement for a parent to be present on poolside for all swimming sessions where there are swimmers under 18yrs in the pool. This is a very important requirement designed to protect our swimmers and coaches and needs to be strictly adhered to at all times. The coach has a copy of the pool duty roster on pool deck and a record will be taken of pool duty attendance for all sessions by the coach on the duty, noting details in the pool duty book.

Please check what date you are on our squad roster and make a note of it in your phone or your diary:

In the event that a parent wishes to swap dates with another parent, this is acceptable and is a matter for the parent to arrange, but all sessions must be covered. If a parent fails to show up for 2 or more pool duties, there will be sanctions.

When on pool duty you should do the following:

  • Arrive 10 mins before the session starts.
  • Identify yourself to the Coach conducting the training sessions as the person who will be performing Pool Duty.
  • Stay on the pool side (on the pool deck in Grove Island) for the full duration of the session and remain until all swimmers have left the poolside.
  • Be in full view of the pool and changing room entrance to observe movement of swimmers. Be within earshot of any exchanges between swimmers and coaches.
  • Ensure any swimmers who leave the pool return within a reasonable length of time.
  • The only people allowed on the poolside are the coaches and person on pool duty.
  • Please ensure that all other parents/guardians remain in the gallery area unless requested by the coach or the parent on pool duty, to go to the poolside.
  • Attend to a child’s needs if the child feels ill or has difficulty with goggles etc.
  • Any swimmer who feels unwell should remain poolside with the parent on duty until the end of the session or if necessary the swimmers parent should be contacted.
  • Assist the coach whenever requested by the coach.
  • Do not interfere with the coach’s programme and do not discipline swimmers.
  • You will be required to sit behind the coach/coaches in UL and Grove Island.
  • In Grove Island you will be required to ensure no public members have entered the communal changing rooms 5 minutes before the session finishes and to stand outside the communal changing area once the swimming session has finished.
  • Parent on duty to ensure that misconduct does not occur in the communal changing area.
  • All parents should be aware that swimmers use communal changing area that is open to the public.
  • All swimmers are expected to use squad (group) changing rooms as the communal area is open to the public to use
  • Do not enter the squad rooms whilst they are being used by the swimmers.
  • Report any incidents of concern to a committee member after the session.
  • Child Welfare guidelines are available from Swim Ireland website and can be accessed and/or downloaded by swimmers, leaders and parents.
  • Pool duty end 20mins after the training session has finished.