Parental pool duty is a mandatory requirement of Swim Ireland

It is a requirement for a parent to be present on poolside for all swimming sessions where there are swimmers under 18yrs in the pool. This is a very important requirement designed to protect our swimmers and coaches and needs to be strictly adhered to at all times. The coach has a copy of the pool duty roster on pool deck and a record will be taken of pool duty attendance for all sessions by the coach on the duty, noting details in the pool duty book.

Please check what date you are on our squad roster and make a note of it in your phone or your diary:

In the event that a parent wishes to swap dates with another parent, this is acceptable and is a matter for the parent to arrange, but all sessions must be covered. If a parent fails to show up for 2 or more pool duties, there will be sanctions.

When on pool duty you should do the following:

Limerick Swimming Club Pool Duty Document: September 2021

LSC Pool Duty:

When on pool duty you should :